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The founder of the AlfredX App has been working as an Administrative Professional for over 20 years in the corporate world and has designed this great virtual tool with her unique skills, to be available around the world.

Big Corporations utilize Administrative Assistants for various tasks, however most Executives will not use an assistant 8-hours a day/ 5 days a week; Thus, AlfredX. This App is doing something diverse, by making administrative services available on a “Virtual as needed” basis this will make having a trusty assistant affordable and at the fingertips of every Business Professional, Entrepreneur and Solopreneur.

Booking Travel Requests

For Business or leisure, let AlfredX be your passport to the world.

Scheduling Meetings

Whether webinar or in person, AlfredX will help to prepare your meetings.

Calendar Reminders

AlfredX will ensure you don’t neglect any calendared events.

Shared Drive for Documents

AlfredX delivers your requested documents to this secure location. (Airline tickets, event tickets, reports etc.)

AlfredX will handle your BUSY-ness allowing you to focus on growing your Business.

AlfredX will make things simple for you…

Tedious tasks are our specialty.

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