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Our Core Values

We Value Integrity in all aspects of our work. We strive to be Transparent, reliable and ethical in all of our actions. We will always operate according to the highest standard of the ethical business.

We value TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION and we seek, share and respect diverse perspectives and functions as a team with our colleagues and clients. We foster teamwork, loyalty and respect in our environment.

We go beyond normal measures to achieve environmental sustainability. We use renewable energy, we look into creative ways to zero our waste and we always use recyclable materials in our processes.

We take pride on our professional standards and the fact that we are continuously striving for perfection. To achieve this we always value innovation and we pursuit excellence in everything we do.

We perform with Speed and efficiency in every aspect of our business”. We respond fast, act fast, support each other to get the job done in perfect timing.


Great things are made with attention to the finest details. The same goes for our great products. We gave a tremendous attention to every step in the process and every factor affects the quality of our essential oils.

This can be achieved through :
– Striving to reach the highest standards in every step of the process from seeding to distillation.
– Working with R&D team to renovate the process and creating new methods to achieve better results.
– Communicating and highlighting Apotech detailed process and special approach through videos and articles.

Apotech bay is a leading manufacturer of botanical extracts supplying the international nutraceutical industries with more than 500 high quality unique ingredients to be used in broadrange of applications.

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As Apotech Bay is committed to reinvent the industry and challenge the norms, we will introduce a new method of purchasing our products and a unique customer experience that is totally different than competition.

Apotech Bay will create a portal for its customers where can they monitor and track the progress of their each order. Also the portal will allow customers to get notified for new items that freshly distilled and allow them to purchase it.

Apotech bay will also introduce the feature of pre-booking essential oils. Where customers can get notified of the progress of their products through the production process. This automated sales platform will provide us with the advantage of better managing our orders and giving our customers a seamless experience.

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