Why Nano Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

We make use of Nanotechnology to deliver best protection for your valuables.

Eco Friendly

Reduces your ecological footprint by using an environmentally friendly material.

Long Lasting Results

Significant reduction in future maintenance costs and cleaning.

Easy to Apply

Ready to use and can be applied by yourself in the comfort of your home.

What is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the science, engineering and manipulation of matter at the nanometre level (billionths of a metre). Nanotechnology has made it possible to create extremely tiny structures and new materials capable of solving specific needs, one of which is providing nanoparticle protection.
Nano Fabric is an evolving 21st century technology that will change all our lives in the future. Working at microscopic levels, the range of possibilities are endless, whether it be the treatment of disease, environmental cleansing, health or accident prevention, sports performance and security to name a few. Many nanotechnology products and applications are already in use.

Why Use Nanotechnology

Nano Fabric coatings found in our products surpass today’s standards as they have nano metric qualities that repel any liquid, dust or dirt, protecting textiles from dirt and stains. Time, money and cleaning costs can be minimized and nanotechnology applications will make certain cleaning products and methods obsolete in the future.
Nano Fabric properties are found in nature and therefore are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe to use around humans and animals.

Applications of Nanotechnology

- Cars and Automobiles
- Beds and Interiors
- Clothing and Shoes
- Furniture and upholstery
- Outdoor Furniture
- Carpets and coverings

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