Sensii farm is located on 70 acres of lush, fertile land tucked into a serene valley 20 minutes outside of Montego Bay Jamaica. The farm reconnects people with the culture, community and environment by integrating them into life on a nature preserve and all-organic farm. Botanical gardens, fruits trees, streams, springs and tributaries grace the property and surrounds our guests while they enjoy the products; pineapples, oranges, sugar cane, mangos, moringa and of course the finest ganja on Earth.

There is true pride and love that goes into the farming and growing of our beloved ganja. Some of the most powerful, delicious buds grown from all natural environments.

No GMO! No Chemicals! No Hormones!

There is only love, respect, care, and the pursuit of excellence in our work.

We believe that farming comes with responsibility. It means being good to oneself, to one another, and to the earth. We believe in sustainable growing methods, earth friendly practices, and participating in the community that surrounds us.

Sensii Advantage

SENSII's competitive advantage lies in its marriage of artisan cultivations processes coupled with state of the art technology, process efficiency in cultivation, processing and production.

  • Sustainable organic cultivation practices
  • Best in Class Genetics
  • Decades of cumulative experience in agriculture, chemistry, engineering and the botanical sciences
  • Turn-key, contract growth and processing solutions
  • Mobile cloud based monitoring and supply chain solution