Start building your legacy

Experiences shape our lives and define our existence, but looking back through time via photo albums and diaries have become obsolete. It's time to safely and securely document and protect our most precious asset—our memories—in the digital age.

Take your memories with you

The longer we wait to document our memories, the more likely we are to forget. Download the app to save memories on the go and avoid losing important details that you want to remember.

App Features

Your memories are our priority

The Timeline app and website interface allow you to add memories through an interactive digital map, free of ads and unsolicited propaganda, connecting only with those closest to you. Unlike traditional social media, you scroll left-to-right vs. up-and-down, adjusting granularity of time (years to minutes) using the pinch-zoom feature. Add tags to your memories for quick and easy searchability

“Knowing your ancestry helps individuals feel a sense of belonging and connectedness in a world that is often disconnected and isolating. People who know their ancestry, even if it’s not heroic, even if there are skeletons in the closets, have better sociological, psychological and even financial outcomes in their lives. Teens have fewer behavioral and school problems if they know about their ancestors.” - Historian Amy Harris, Brigham Young University
“Children who have a strong family narrative are more resilient. If they know their family history, they have a higher self-esteem and a greater sense of control over their lives.” - Emory University Psychology Department
“Knowing your ancestry is important in having a happy, high functioning family.” - Bruce Feiler, New York Times Columnist
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Fun and easy to use

Add an unlimited number of memories into chronological order simply by tapping or clicking on the interactive map. Browse at your leisure by scrolling left to right to move forward or backward in time, even pre-date of birth! Zoom in or out to adjust years to minutes. Then, search for your memories based on customizable tags.

Connect with those you love

This is not social media, this is selective social media. Share your valued memories with only those closest to you. Stay invisible from random searching and trolling. Make your personal memories private for only your viewing. Stay connected with ease and peace of mind. No data is ever collected for distribution to third parties. You are in control.

Phone App
Phone App

Life happens simultaneously

Create a sub-timeline for a spouse/significant other or your children. Save and protect those memories you share while keeping personal memories private. Build your family tree and watch it grow with each generation.